Carolyn Cole

Carolyn Cole has a background in art and dabbles as a wood block artist.  Her interest in photography grew out of a life-long love of nature, and a compelling wish to capture the moment in changing light. Working many years as a transportation planner and land-planning professional afforded her a wide geographic range and broad photographic palette.  She found opportunities to engage a world in transition that fostered the pairing of land planning and photography. 

Her enthusiasm for wildlife photography, including birds in seasonal plumage and the macro-world of insects, emerged from the field time her work allowed.  Ms. Cole is currently working on several books that incorporate her graphic and photographic works, most of which address nature from the point of view of the amateur scientist-explorer. 

William Miller

William Miller trained originally in film photography and is now immersed in digital imagery,  producing photographic images both classic and innovative-edgy. His love of nature, sense of fine line imagery, and immersion in color and nuanced  light,  infuse his work with energy and subtle substance.  Mr. Miller is skilled in wildlife photography and fine portraiture, and his enthusiasm spans settings in field and studio.

His professional background as a desert geomorphologist and resource-based land planner, honed his skills as a scientist and planning professional.  Since training with renowned photographer Marty Knapp of Pt. Reyes, California in 2007, Mr. Miller enjoys producing black and white, “classic” landscape imagery, as well as color-filled wild bird photography and studies of the female nude.  His lense finds few limits,  and his enthusiasm as a teacher and photographer is purely contagious.